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Alan Gurney is a 5th generation cattlemen. Growing up, Alan rodeoed and worked for his family’s cattle outfit. Alan married his wife, Vicki, 40 years ago this month. Shortly after that he ventured out on his own and began Gurney Cattle Company based in Lost Creek, Utah.

Alan and Vicki have 3 sons and one daughter, not to mention all of the orphans Alan has taken in and mentored over the years. Alan was one of the first Superior Livestock representatives and still continues to buy, sell and trade cattle weekly. Today Gurney Cattle Company includes Alan’s sons and has grown into a cattle ranching operation that spans 7 counties in Utah as well as parts of Nevada, Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska and Kansas to also operating a large feedlot in Salina and a cattle transport business.

His motto, even though he would never say it out loud is that “if you aren’t progressive and growing, you’re dying.” Alan and his sons are continually growing the business and take pride in being innovative in all aspects of the cattle industry. Alan is always trying out new ways to efficiently and cheaply run cattle, even if it means breaking traditions. Alan has experienced the highs and lows of the cattle business, but says that if you have the right mentality the highs will always outweigh the lows.

Over the years, he’s been a member of several grazing and cattle boards and currently sits on the advisory board of the Sevier County FSA. The cattle industry is Alan’s true passion and he enjoys sharing his knowledge and love for it with his children and 4 grandchildren.