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Black Angus Osso Bucco 2 Pack (1.9-2.2 lb)


The osso bucco is traditional Italian comfort food, loved by many. The Italian name ‘osso bucco’ means ‘hollowed bone’. This phrase refers to the beef shins that they use to prepare the dish. The cow’s shins are very muscular, so the osso bucco meat is a bit tough and chewy before cooking. Therefore, you need to cook it for hours at a low temperature. If you want to stick to the original osso bucco recipe, you can cook it in white wine and chicken stock. Add some tomato paste, carrot, celery, and onion, and you’re good to go!

Black Angus Picanha (3.7-4.2 lb)


In Brazil, the picanha (or as we know it in the US — the sirloin cap) is the most prized cut of meat. It’s juicy and tender, with almost no fatty tissue. Brazilian chefs tend to leave the fat on, but here in the US, we typically cut it off. Whatever the case may be for you, there’s no denying that the picanha is a delicious cut of meat. It’s incredibly tasty and you can prepare it in multiple ways. In addition, the meat is 100% natural. It comes from our own homegrown and grass-fed cows.

Black Angus Rib Roast (4.7-5.2 lb)


Anything that comes from the black Angus ribs can’t be bad! This cut of meat is simply amazing, and it allows you to do so much with it. You can braise it, roast it, barbecue it, whatever your heart desires. However, the rib roast is quite tender, so make sure you don’t dry it out, otherwise, it might lose its deliciousness. Speaking of deliciousness, did you know that our cows are all grass-fed, with no GMOs or hormones? That’s right, our beef is organic and of superb quality, which makes it even more delicious!

Black Angus Ribeye, Boneless (14-17oz)


When you think ribeye, you immediately think of the rich and beefy flavor that it has. Be that as it may, the organic black Angus ribeye is really something special. Not only is it full of flavor, but it’s also tender and juicy. The fat distribution on this cut of the meat is sublime — it has even marbling all throughout the cut. Because of the characteristic rich taste of the naturally fed black Angus beef, the Angus ribeye makes for the best roasted dinner ever. There are no GMOs or hormones involved in the feeding of our cows.

Black Angus Round Roast (2.3-2.8 lb)


Just like the top round roast, the bottom round roast is also quite lean and muscular. That’s why it requires longer cooking at a low temperature to achieve tenderness. It has a very low fat content, so it requires you to add some while cooking it. And the best way to cook it is by roasting it slowly in the oven or braising it in the pot with some nice gravy. But you know what the best part is? This bottom round roast is completely organic. It comes from a homegrown cow that was naturally grass-fed. No GMOs or hormones.

Black Angus Short Ribs (1.7-2.3 lb)


If there was such a thing as the meat Olympics, the short ribs would take the gold for every discipline. They’re tender and juicy, yet still meaty and full of wonderful rich flavor. You can slow-cook them with red wine, braise them in butter, or do whatever you want. The point is — the short ribs are as versatile as they are delicious. They come from the short plate of the cow, which is a very soft and delicate spot. Besides that, these particular short ribs come from our own homegrown black Angus cows, no GMOs or hormones added.

Black Angus Shoulder Clod


The shoulder clod is not famous for its tenderness, but you can be sure that the flavor is there! And with a little braising or stewing, you can get nothing less of perfection. The shoulder clod is part of the chuck of the cow, a cut of meat that has the perfect balance of fat content and muscle tissue. So, the shoulder clod is best when ground. This cut of meat is absolutely perfect for burgers and meatballs. Being that our black Angus cows are all 100% naturally fed, you can expect the flavor to be outstanding.

Black Angus Sirloin Steak (12-16 oz)


The top sirloin is one of the biggest portions of the cow carcass, and it has plenty of advantages. It may not be the most tender piece of meat, but what it lacks there, it makes up in flavor. It has a very deep and rich beefy flavor that any meat-lover will highly appreciate. Besides that, it’s versatile. It’s good for grilling, broiling, sauteing, and many more types of cooking. It’s a great option for your Sunday family dinner, as well as a fancy restaurant meal. All in all, the sirloin steak is a cut that you can’t go wrong with. In addition, it’s 100% natural and comes from our own grass-fed black Angus cows.

Black Angus Sirloin Tip Roast (2.3-2.8)


The sirloin is a semi-tender meat cut that packs a lot of flavor. Moreover, it’s very versatile. Because of its mild toughness, it’s great for sauteing and stewing. However, the real potential of the sirloin tip comes out when you slowly roast it to medium rare. Whether it’s in a form of kebab or steak, the sirloin is a gorgeous piece of meat that no one can resist. And of course, it all comes from a grass-fed cow, without any GMOs or additives. What more could you want from a Sunday barbecue?

Black Angus Skirt Steak (14-18 oz)


Get ready for the best skirt steak you’ve ever had! The skirt steak is generally not that popular of a cut. But believe us, it’s simply irresistible when you prepare it the right way. This cut of meat comes from the plate of the cow and it has a deep and rich flavor. The flavor is probably also due to the fact that the cows are all naturally homegrown and grass-fed. Long story short — it’s best to grill the skirt steak, rest it and slice it. That’s when all of its magnificent flavor truly comes out and shines.

Black Angus Skirt Steak (15-17 oz)


Cooking is all about the flavors and spices. And believe us, the skirt steak definitely takes the cake when it comes to rich flavor. Although it’s a bit unpopular among the common folks, some of the best restaurants serve skirt steak as a premium delicacy. It’s a lean and soft cut of meat, and its true colors come out when it’s marinated overnight. Then it’s absolutely perfect for grilling. Let’s not forget to mention that this steak is 100% organic. It comes from our own naturally grass-fed black Angus cows.

Black Angus Stew Meat (2 lb)


The stew is a go-to dish for family gatherings and special occasions. That’s why you need to prepare it with love, as well as the best ingredients available to you. When it comes to beef stew meat, we’ve got your back. Finely chopped into small cubes, our stew meat is one of the best in the world. It comes from the most tender parts of our black Angus cows, such as the sirloin and the tenderloin. But what makes it truly special is the fact that it all comes naturally and organically from our own homegrown and grass-fed black Angus cows.

Black Angus Tenderloin, Whole (3.8-4.5 lb)


The black Angus tenderloin is the tenderest of all meats. No matter if you want to roast it whole or cut it into filet mignon, this cut of meat is sublime. Its texture is smooth and lean, with almost no fat in sight. And because our black Angus’ are organically fed, you can go as rare as you want. The tenderloin is absolutely phenomenal when it’s medium rare, so it would be a shame to prepare it any differently. All in all, you won’t find a more delicate piece of meat, that’s for sure.

Black Angus Texas Short Ribs 4 Pack (2.8-3.2 lb)


If you’re in the mood for some phenomenal rib meat, but you don’t want to deal with a full rack of bones, we’ve got the Texas short ribs for you. They come from our own black Angus cows that were grass-fed and homegrown. The short ribs come from the short plate of the cow and their meat is extremely tender and succulent. A great cut of meat such as this one deserves special care. They’re the most delicious when brushed with herbs, smoked and barbecued. You will not believe the juiciness of these short ribs. And you’ll definitely be coming back for more.

Black Angus Top Sirloin 2 Pack (8 oz)


The top sirloin steaks are quite famous, and for a good reason. They’re tender and juicy, but they’re quite affordable. The sirloin is the back part of the cow which is known for having very low fat content. That’s why it’s great if you’re trying to eat healthier. But even though it’s healthy, the sirloin is still juicy and delicious. And this particular sirloin cut is nothing like you’ve tasted before. That’s because it comes from our grass-fed black Angus cows. And though it may be hard to believe, we never added any GMOs or hormones. It’s all 100% natural.

Black Angus Tri Tip (2-2.5 lb


The tri-tip roast, also known as the triangle roast or the bottom sirloin, is a West Coast favorite. However, it’s quickly gaining popularity in other parts of the US and the world. The sirloin, as we already know, is rich and flavorful. And the tri-tip is no different. It’s a bit fattier than the top sirloin, but that’s what makes it extra juicy and delicious. The trip-tip is best when slowly roasted or grilled. Be that as it may, it also makes for great ground beef and burgers. But what makes our tri-tip so great? The answer is simple — because it comes from our homegrown and grass-fed cows.